Volume No. 2        Issue No. 1   February 1, 2005    Contact: brokenarrowanimalsanctuary@yahoo.com
Broken Arrow Animal Sanctuary Newsletter

Editor’s Soap Box

By Scott Steckler

The theme of the New Year at Broken Arrow seems to be reorganization! There for a while we were just trying to organize! The new and improved Broken Arrow will boast a Board of Directors and Executive Officers! The details of this still need to be worked out and implemented, but I for one am very happy that we will have some semblance of a “chain of command. As Sally has learned, no one person can do it all. As of now, we have a few people doing EVERYTHING! There are so many aspects to BAAS, and too few people to do them. There is a lot more to do than scooping litter boxes! To prevent burnout and later, dropout, it was important to split up the tasks that needed to be done more evenly. I would like to personally thank all the volunteers for the Herculean effort that they give on a daily basis. More volunteers are always needed!

BAAS Volunteer Of The Month!

By Patty Seman

Although a VOTM has been chosen, our star reporter, Patty, has fallen and fractured her leg. Without the proper use of her leg, she cannot type the article. As a result, we will celebrate two VOTMs next month.

Adoption Times:   

12pm to 4pm daily at PETCO on Peach Street near the Millcreek Mall.

Now you can purchase BAAS logo items online at:


A portion of each purchase goes directly to the animals!

Save the Dates!

Upcoming BAAS events...

Saturday, May 14th

Pet Expo 2005

9 am - 1 pm, Pet Parade at Noon

Frontier Park

If you would like more information or want to be a sponsor for this event, please e-mail: brokenarrowanimalsanctuary@yahoo.com

Or call Melody at 449-1360

Vet Visit Tips: How To Help Your Friendly Neighborhood Veterinary Staff And Get The Most Out Of Your Visit:  

By Diane Ventrello VMD

For annual vaccine updates, please bring a stool sample, and have a general knowledge of how your pet is doing: appetite, thirst, bowel movements, urination, activity level, and attitude.

For other issues, the following is a good overview of information you may be asked about or items you should bring with you:

New pet or any vomiting or diarrhea problems - bring a fresh stool sample - one teaspoon is plenty. This is used for a parasite check.

Urinary problems – bring a fresh (less than 1 hour old) urine sample in a clean container. Do not refrigerate. Usually only dog owners are able to catch their pet’s urine!

Worms in stool or vomit - bring worms in baggie, foil, or any container for staff to identify them.

Ingestion of toxin/chemical/medication - bring packaging.

Reaction to flea/tick product - bring packaging.

Current medications - Bring labeled containers if you have trouble remembering dosages. This also includes any aspirin or holistic products you might use. It helps to know preventatives being given as well, such as for heartworms or fleas and ticks.

Appetite - increased, decreased, or same? Any change in diet or treats? Any access to garbage? Any “table food” given that’s out of the ordinary? Any toys, clothing or other items chewed up or missing lately?

Water intake - increased, decreased, or same?

Urination - increased, decreased, or same? Any straining or frequency? Any blood? For cats - any change in litter brand or box location?

Bowel movements - increased, decreased, or same? Is the consistency hard, formed, soft, or liquid? Any blood or mucus? Any straining or discomfort?

Other information to give to the veterinary staff: if your pet seems sore or tender, isn’t holding its head up or wagging its tail like usual, is slow to rise, has trouble jumping or climbing stairs, has decreased vision, has been coughing or sneezing, has eye or nose discharge, is shaking its head or scratching its ears, is scooting its rear end on the ground, is licking or chewing certain areas, is having any vomiting or diarrhea, has lost weight, or is drinking or urinating more than usual.

This information will help us give your pet a thorough physical exam and address all of its health needs.


How can your everyday shopping benefit homeless animals?

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Adoption Rates:

Adoption rates at Broken Arrow are $35 for cat adoptions and $50 for dog adoptions. Included in this fee for a cat is: FeLV/FIV testing, FVRCP vaccines, Rabies vaccine (age dependent), spay/neuter, flea treatment, deworming and treatment for ear mites if needed. For Dogs: Heartworm test, DHLPP vaccines, Rabies vaccine (age dependent), spay/neuter, flea treatment, and deworming.  These services and treatments could cost hundreds of dollars if you had them done on your own. Adoption rates are current as of the writing of this newsletter, rates may increase.

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